Slough BID Notice

01 July 2022
Thanks to Slough BID we have been advised that there are £20.00 forged notes in circulation!
Please be advised of forged notes in circulation as of 28 June 2022:
- Quality of forgery is poor, feel of the note is very papery not of polymer texture with no raised print.
- No hologram changes between ‘Twenty’ and ‘Pounds’ when the note is tilted - just print.
- No see through windows.
- No silver or purple foil patch - just print.
- On the front it reads on the note 'This is not legal tender, its is to be used for motion props' and 'Play money for motion picture use only'
- On the back it reads 'Twenty Pounds' and 'This note is play money for video movie use only'
Please be careful whilst accepting any £20 notes in the future!